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Cousin, Curieuse & St. Pierre


Departure from Praslin at 09:15hrs to Cousin Island, where you shall have the
opportunity to see seabirds such as terns, noddies and frigatebirds, including the

rare Seychelles Warbler and the endangered Seychelles Magpie Robin amongst

others. Cousin is located off the southwest coast of Praslin, next to neighboring

island Cousine. The island has been a nature reserve since 1968 and was renatured

in 1975 to a rat-free bird sanctuary. Every year, about 250,000 birds nest on Cousin

and is a well known spot where sea turtles come on land to lay their eggs during the

nesting season.

During the guided tour you will encounter countless geckos and some giant tortoises.
Afterwards we head to Curieuse Island (Anse St. José) where a delicious Creole
barbeque is awaiting you. Curieuse Island was once home to a colony of leprosy
patients which resided here at Anse St. José. The ruins of their homes can still be
seen and the colonial-style Doctor’s House has been converted into a museum and
visitor center. After lunch, you could choose to enjoy the beautiful beach at Anse St.
José or you could hike to the other side of the island. The beautiful scenic hike
leads you through mangrove forests and on to Baie Laraie.


Curieuse Island lies off the northwest coast of Praslin and is home to a
fascinating breeding station for giant tortoises. On no other island in the
Inner Seychelles do you have the opportunity to experience more than 200
giant land tortoises living freely on the island, most of which are at Baie
Laraie. You will be surprised how active the turtles can be compared to their
confined species! Curieuse together with Praslin are the only islands on which
the Coco de Mer grows naturally.

In the afternoon we continue to St. Pierre for snorkeling. St. Pierre is one of
many small islands in the bay of Côte d'Or on the northwest side of
Praslin and is located just 1.5 km from Anse Volbert beach. The
washed-out granite rocks and the small palm crown make this little
island the epitome of the ideal Seychelles island. Their image is very
popular in Seychelles advertising and is popular with swimmers and
snorkelers alike. In addition to countless reef fish you can also meet
with little luck, sea turtles.

Return about 16:30hrs

Price: € 160 per person | € 90 per child (6 to 11 years) |

€ 40 per child (0 to 5 years)

Included: Landing fees, Guide on Cousin Island, barbecue (water and fruit

juices on board)


Important to bring with on this tour: Towel, anti-mosquito, comfortable shoes or sandals for walking, sunscreen protection,

1 Liter of water per person, face masks, hand sanitizer, snorkeling gear

TIP!  Kindly avoid dark coloured clothes (it attracts mosquitoes).

Only possible on weekdays as Cousin Island is closed on weekends.

Cousin Island
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