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Taxi Boat Curieuse Island


We also offer a taxi boat service to the island of Curieuse. After departure from Praslin,

we will drop you off on the island of Curieuse (Baie Laraie), where most boat trips stop

first. Here you will have the opportunity to experience more than 200 giant land tortoises

living freely. You will be surprised how active the turtles can be compared to their

confined species! Curieuse together with Praslin are the only islands on which the

Coco de Mer grows naturally.

Afterwards, you may enjoy a nice hike through dense mangrove forest which leads to the
other side to Anse St. José. The island was once home to a colony of leprosy patients
which resided here at Anse St. José. The ruins of their homes can still be seen and the
colonial-style Doctor’s House has been converted into a museum and visitor center.

Here you will also be able to enjoy the beautiful beach at your own leisure!


As there is no fixed time for the start and end time of this taxi boat service, please

contact us so we may arrange the times.

Price: € 60 per person | € 20 per child (6 to 11 years)

Included: Landing fee


Recommended to bring with on this tour: Towel, sunscreen protection,

comfortable shoes or sandals for walking, 2 Liters of water per person,

hand sanitizer, snacks

As there are no shops or restaurants on the island of Curieuse, we kindly
recommend you to bring your own food and drinks with you

Curieuse Island, Seychelles
Curieuse Island, Seychelles
Excursion Seychelles
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